How To Become A Member

Visitors are always welcome!
To become a member and be able to submit entries,
simply register and pay dues.
Click here to download and print the registration form.
The club year begins May 1st with some summer activities.
Formal meetings are scheduled from September through April.
Dues are $50 per person or $60 per couple.
( $25 and $30 respectively after December.)
Send your registration form and dues to
Tim Lesser, Treasurer,
PO Box 9089, Spokane WA 99209

You can also use the Paypal link below to pay for your membership.
(Includes 3% Paypal fees)
Then forward your Paypal email receipt to treasurer @

Annual Membership Dues

Main Activities

Photography Meetings

Each month from September to April we have two meetings, one for digital images and one for mounted prints. A week before the meeting, the images are submitted digitally. Formatting requirements are explained inside the members’ area.

Our club invites a local professional or experienced photographer to provide feedback, to critique, and to score the submitted pictures. We call this judging, but it really means we ask for his or her feedback and advice on our work.

The judge previews the images, then presents his opinions at our meetings. The feedback comes in the form of some constructive comments and a three-part score. Up to five points are awarded each for composition, impact, and technical merits. A score of three is considered good, four means very good, and five is excellent for a possible total of 15.

At the digital meeting, members view all the submissions on a screen while our judge comments and gives scores. On print night, all photos are displayed on viewing racks and then each photo is placed on an easel for the judge to review. Results are recorded on this website in the members’ section.

At the end of the year, we celebrate our work with friends and family at Salon, a banquet and awards ceremony. We send information and entry forms to all members starting in early spring.

Training and Education

One or two meetings a month focus on various aspects of
photography education and techniques, such as Photoshop
or Lightroom, etc., as well as camera techniques and tips,
through formal presentations or hands-on workshops.


Field Trips

Organized fields trips take place three or four times
throughout the year to photograph scenic
landscapes, interesting events, historical landmarks or
other subjects of interest to members.

Officers and Board Members 2023-2024


President – David Powers
Co-President – Jon Lepper
Vice President – Don Burnell
Secretary – Dorothy Detlor
Treasurer – Tim Lesser

Board of Trustees

Alice Garland 2022-2025
Donna Larsen 2024-2027
Steve Shinning 2022-2025
Catherine Spangler 2023-2026
Kevin Watt 2023-2026
Craig Weddle 2024-2027
Steve Whitacre 2024-2027
Past Presidents – David Powers
                      – Jon Lepper

Board meetings are at 6 pm prior to the first meeting of each month.
They are open to all members, although only Board members may vote.
Board Meeting Minutes can be accessed here.

Spokane Camera Club Interests

Spokane Interstate Fair Photography Competition

The Spokane Camera Club helps support the photographic exhibit at the annual Spokane County Interstate Fair, held at the Spokane fairgrounds in September. We encourage both club members and non-members to submit entries to the exhibit and competition. Additionally, we encourage members to help staff the actual exhibit and answer visitors’ questions. Further information is provided in the early summer.

Contact Dennis Isip


Search for “Spokane Camera Club”
The Club has an active Facebook page on which to share photos and information. Both members and non-members may participate.
Pictures can be uploaded covering a range of subjects.


Contact us:

President, David Powers
Board Member, Donna Larsen

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