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Competition Guidelines

1 Requirements

1.1 Overall

1.1.1 All images for SCC monthly competitions must be submitted digitally ahead of time.

1.1.2 Deadline for entry is midnight Wednesday one week before the competition. This allows time for the images to be gathered, prepared, and made available ahead of time to the judge for his study, critique, suggestions, and scoring.

1.2 Legal

1.2.1 The submitted images must be the original work of the entrant and must originate from photographic images.

1.2.2 All processing of the image must be done by the entrant.

1.2.3 Neither the SCC nor its members assume liability for any misuse of copyrighted imagery by the entrant.

1.2.4 Each entrant permits the SCC to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge in or on its website, newsletter, official publications, or other servers used by the SCC.

2 Categories - There are two categories each meeting.

2.1 Subject-of-the-Month, where the center of interest must conform to the designated subject.

2.1.1 Three bonus points will be awarded to images entered in the Subject category, to encourage members to get out and shoot more regularly.

2.1.2 If two images are entered into the Subject category, one of them must be color and the other must be monochrome.

2.1.3 If the judge believes that an image entered in the Subject category does not meet the intent of the subject, he will move it to the General category, and it will not be eligible for bonus points.

2.2 General Category, where the center of interest is unrestricted.

2.2.1 For Digital Night they are: Subject Color DSC (Digital Subject Color) Monochrome DSM (Digital Subject Monochrome)

2.2.2 For Print Night they are the same:

1.2.2 All processing of the image must be done by the entrant.

2.2.3 Submission: Please be extremely careful when choosing your month and category from the drop-down menu. If you do this correctly, your image will appear before the judge. Take a picture of the screen when you are finished, to help us with any bug issues that may arise.

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